Golf simulator

SimShot – golf simulator at a reasonable price

The SimShot golf simulator will provide great entertainment to both experienced golf players and those who have never spent time playing golf. SimShot is a perfect proposition for home, company, a guesthouse or hotel. By investing in a SimShot golf simulator in your hotel or guesthouse, for reasonable money you raise the rank of your facility, and thanks to making your offer more attractive, your facility will become recognizable and recommended not only to golfers.

Operating the simulator is relatively simple and understandable, and is based on basic computer skills. The game, however, runs similarly to a normal golf course, with the only difference that the player does not follow the ball and only hits the screen with it. The sensor system determines the flight parameters of the ball and transmits its image to the screen where the animated image of the selected golf course is located. Image reflection is approx. 90% of the real image, including sound effects!

With the OptiShot-2 software, you can learn to play, compete, play golf for pleasure with friends, and use the simulator as a TV, DVD home theater and to play a permanent image.

As a producer and distributor of SimShot golf simulators, we offer you not only the simulator, but also transport and assembly included in the price. We can also train and prepare to work on the simulator your staff and game instructors.

The SimShot golf simulator uses OptiShot 2 technology.

The operation of the SimShot golf simulator is based on the use of the OptiShot 2 system - the most popular technology of golf simulators for the home use. Thanks to the improved software, the fun and training with this device are even more interesting, more accurate and guaranteeing great fun.

Additionally, thanks to the Live option you can now compete with your friends or other golfers online in virtual events!

Thanks to the included software, OptiShot 2 offers both great fun in a realistically rendered, high-quality 3DD Golf program (software dedicated to the simulator) and the possibility of training and swing analysis including swing factors such as head speed, ball angle, rate, etc.

What's in the SimShot golf simulator kit?

1. OptiShot 2 simulator

It is a mat (at first sight similar to even those from the driving range) filled with electronics and sensors. With the help of a set of sixteen infrared sensors of 48MHz frequency, the simulator allows a very accurate analysis of each hit (deflection angle, head speed, hit direction, etc.).

From the mat you can hit both normal balls, or foam balls attached to the set, which will not cause any damage even in the apartment.
You can also hit them directly from the mat or from a rubber tee also attached (there are tee with three lengths in the set).

The simulator can be connected to home computers (PC) via the included USB cable.

2. Hit analysis program

A mat with a simulator would be useless if it were not possible to analyze the hits on the computer screen.
This is enabled by the included software to be installed on home computers.

Thanks to the set of sensors, the program allows analysis of such factors as:
- head speed (accurate to two miles per hour)
- swing geometry
- head angle and its position when touching the ball (open, closed, straight)
- the direction and path of the ball
- distance obtained
- swing rate
- visualization of each hit

All this literally in a second after hitting the ball with the simulator. Having this program is like having your own PRO at home, which at any time will explain and help you to correct mistakes when hitting.

3. 3DD Golf software

The latest version of 3DD Golf software, even better rendering hits and having a number of new options.

It offers many training options, eg enabling training / playing in two modes:

Training mode (Practice Mode)

This is actually an electronic version of the driving range - perfect if you treat this simulator as an alternative to the winter season in Poland.
Thanks to OptiShot you will be able to train just like in the summer on DR, because the special software has:

• as many as six target greens that you can hit by practicing hits by a specified distance
• around 3-meter (10 yards) zone around the hole called 'Birdie Ring' - by hitting it you are on your way to a birdie!
• a dynamic distance grid, superimposed on the displayed field graphics, allows you to immediately "read green", and thus creates good habits of the so called brakes, i.e. hits from different angles of elevation
• driver hit analysis mode for the perfect tee game exercise
• full analysis of each hit

In addition, this mode also includes training on ANY hole out of golf courses specified in the software. Thanks to this, you can choose a hole whose specification interests you and practice every hit to perfection.

Play Mode

It allows playing full rounds, along with friends on extremely well-mapped golf courses of the world.
This year's version of the program features as many as 15 realistic golf courses with varying levels of difficulty and different characteristics - from the Arizona desert field to the cool Scandinavian field of the Barsebaeck Resort.

In game mode, you can play games in almost all popular formats: Stroke Play, Stableford, Better Ball, Match Play, Best Ball, Skins, Alternate Shots

LIVE mode

Finally also the internet mode is available with the OptiShot software. Now you can compete with friends or other golfers from around the world in virtual competitions. Go together in a 2-4-person flight and enjoy yourself, even without being in one place.

Other features of the 3DD Golf program:

• ANY hit analysis in terms of swing factors that influenced the ball's flight
• the ability to repeat and train specific hits, until you master them to perfection (eg only approach shots of 70m)
• the ability to use your own golf clubs and introduce their specifications into the program to make the simulation even more reliable
• learning to chipp, bump and run hits, fades and draws, so that you can use them in normal conditions in the field
• beautiful graphics of mapped fields
• the ability to play game up to four players simultaneously
• automatic camera tracking after each hit
• several camera modes
• possibility to putt or turn on the auto-putt
• regulation of green speed level
• measurements in yards and meters (speed in MPH or KMH)
• the ability to determine the weather conditions for each game (wind, rain, fog, etc.)
• realistically reproduced ambient sounds using the latest 3D graphics
• cooperation with an HD TV or projector thanks to connection to a computer
• the simulator is adjusted for both right-handers and left-handers

What's in the OptiShot 2 kit?

• mat with infrared sensors
• OptiShot 3D software (can be downloaded with a unique code available in the package)
• more than a 3-meter USB cable to make a trouble-free connection to a computer
• two foam balls
• quick start instructions (in English and Polish)
• software updates

What's in the SimShot golf simulator kit?

• OptiShot 2 set (Made in USA)
• high definition HD projector
• special screen (Made in USA)
• cage for playing with wooden front frame made of aluminum grate covered with a black material impermeable to light, dimensions of the simulator: 4.6 x 3.8 x 3.1 m - minimum room dimensions: 6.5 x 5.0 x 3.3 m

You can play on the following golf courses:

The Golf Club Scottsdale – an exclusive golf club in Arizona
Long Island Black – a replica of the Bethpage Black golf course
Torrey White – Torrey Pines North replica
Torrey Black – Torrey Pines South replica
Palm Desert Mountains – Bighorn Mountains replica
Palm Desert Canyons – Bighorn Canyons replica
Barseback Golf & Country Club – golf course in Sweden, where the Scandinavian Masters tournament was played
Black Mountain – a replica of the Premiere Golf Course in Thailand
The Canadian Club – a replica of the classic golf course in Toronto
Österåkers Golf Club – another golf course in the Scandinavian climate
West Maui Plantation – Maui golf course replica with the highest profile in the world
Warwick Hills G&CC – long greens, wide fairways and deep bunkers are features of this Michigan golf course
Fylde Links – a typical links type golf course, Royal Lytham replica, TOP100 in the UK
Cogs Corner – a Chicago area golf course with greenery for golfers of all levels, Top100 in the USA

What you need?

• computer / laptop PC or MAC
• a set of golf clubs
• room with a minimum height of 3.3 m and an area of approximately 30 m2

System requirements:

• Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
• 3 GB of disk space
• 4 GB RAM
• good quality graphic card (contact us for verification)
• internet access (for LIVE option)

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